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New Site Coming

First, let me thank all of you who have been extremely patient with me while you've been looking at our old, horrible site. I'd like to take this time to apologize, as I've been partly lazy and partly busy with real life things, which prevent me from giving the TALUG site my full attention.

I want to let you all know that a new site is really in the works. My goal is to get as much of our current content moved over to the new site by the end of the year, as that's when I'd like to switch over. We're ditching the old CMS and going with a brand new look, along with much easier to manage content.

With 2015 looming on the horizon, there will be big changes coming soon, and I want to once again thank every one of you who have been faithful and attended our regularly monthly meetings.

Watch this space. We're looking for volunteers for a few key positions. More details to come soon.

Merry Whatever You're Having. :)


Possible Meeting Location Change

As a heads-up to anyone planning on attending our monthly meetings from September onwards, we may possibly be moving our meeting location back to the university.

The move is for a few reasons: one, TALUG has a bit of history with UT, and we feel that it will also help us with advertising on campus.

Fall is the season for new students who may be looking to install a free and open-source *nix distribution on their laptops for school work. It's also the time where we have our annual "intro to Linux" meetings, so this is a great time to make this transition.

While you're reading this, yes, I know the site is in a bit of disrepair. Thanks goes to all of you who have been very patient while I work on the new site. Yes, it will arrive eventually. I'm just a very busy individual, and you all know how real life seems to always get in the way.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us, and thanks for your patience.

No March 2012 Meeting

There will not be a March 2012 meeting. The library's meeting rooms are completely booked solid for March, so we're giving you all a month off. Hey, it's been warm lately. Take a break, go outside, and get your sunshine +1. See you in April.

No, We're Not Dead

No, TALUG is not dead. :)

We're currently working on a new site, which will make content much easier to manage and update more often. As you all know, sometimes, real life tends to get in the way, and it takes priority. Sit tight, meeting details for July's meeting to come soon.

Broken Stuff

Apologies for the site being somewhat broken. I'm actively working on this after doing a full migration, so you'll notice many things aren't working right or have disappeared altogether. Don't worry, nothing is lost and everything will be back in place as soon as I can get to it.

Update (Nov. 10, 2011): The contact form is back online. Apologies for it being broken. The user registration is still offline. It will be fixed as soon as possible.

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