1. Freshmeat
    The first stop for Linux users hunting for the software they need for work or play.


  2. Linux Game Tome
    Linux gaming news along with reviews, ratings and screenshots.


  3. Linux Games
    The latest gaming news for Linux.


  4. Linux Gazette
    An on-line WWW publication dedicated to two simple ideas: making Linux just a little more fun and sharing ideas and discoveries.


  5. Linux Journal
    Subscription magazine that has been around since 1994.


  6. Linux Magazine
    Subscription magazine that has been around since 1999.


  7. Linux Planet
    Contains articles critiquing Linux software and related issues.


  8. Linux Security
    The Linux community's center for security.


  9. Linux Today
    A resource for professionals interested in maintaining the highest level of awareness pertaining to Linux and the Open Source community news.


  10. Linux Weekly News
    Dedicated to keeping Linux users up-to-date, with concise news for all interests.


  11. Linux World
    Addresses the needs of core decision-makers to skillfully manage Linux and open source technologies within enterprise environments.


  12. Security Focus
    Security information for all operating systems.


  13. Slashdot
    Read and discuss the latest in technology and other related issues.


  14. SourceForge
    Host to many open source projects.

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